Why Is Private Shipping Safer

It's no secret that shipping your beloved horse with a total stranger is stressful. Well it's stressful for them too. My goal is to reduce the stress of shipping and also prevent the spread of illnesses.  I have had horses delivered to my barn by larger shipping companies with little to no compassion for the horses. They have arrived with cuts and injuries because the haulers dropped off a horse and my boarder's horse freaked out. I had a reining bred yearling shipped from Texas because it was just so far at the time. That company had no communication skills and I was terrified where my girl was. Most recently, I started a rescue and had 2 donkeys shipped from Wisconsin so that they didn't end up at slaughter. Well the company was great! The guys really loved their jobs and the animals. I was very happy with them! Then I got a call that the horse they dropped off before my delivery had a fever of 104 and they were concerned if my donkeys were sick (they were fine). I thought to myself, "ya know, that could have been a very expensive vet bill, all to save $200." That's not worth peace of mind and their safety and comfort.

 This is why I offer the private shipping. It's door to door service, very communicative, complete compassion, and reduced stress and risk of sickness.