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Have you ever dreamed of  becoming an olympic rider? It's possible. Fly through the air over those massive jumps, being one with your horse, flying around the barrels racing the clock, looking elegant atop of a hunter or western horse, even see the rockies at sun up from the back of your trail buddy as he chews on some leaves from a tree. The possibilities are endless with some know how! Give yourself or child the opportunity. It's at your fingers tips and starts with just one tour!

TRAINING Dressage, Jumper, Eventer

Budi Tulolo, one of our trainers, is a retired international grand prix rider. Having shown as far as Australia, we are pleased to offer his knowledge here at Cherokee Winds Farm. Many owners, myself included, have often described Budi as "a gift from God to horses". Tranforming both horses and riders into something magnificent. Budi takes great joy in his work and you can see it in his face everytime he rides.

TRAINING Western, Hunter, Ground           Manners

Owner and operator, Sam Casselbury, also wears the hat of trainer. Sam has shown on the 4-H level as well as the Association level, having shown Western Pleasure with her mare on the AQHA circuit. Recently, she has rekindled her desire to show reining.

Sam specializes in beginner and intermediate riders in western, jumpers, and hunters. She loves starting and training horses the proper way. She takes great pride in the domesticating and training of her BLM Mustang. Sam understands the mind of the horse and uses this ability to better the horse's ground manners. Her methods have resulted in well mannered and respectful horses for herself and clients.

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